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Dialogue Vintage Photography Magazine #1



The magazine is in English

In this first edition, many aspects of the broad spectrum of vintage photography are covered. The magazine is initiated by the Dialogue Foundation and is published with the Dialogue Vintage Photography fair in Amsterdam.


-Treasure hunters, a miniseries about collectors/traders: Tijmen van Dijk, Wouter Lambrechts, Roel Santvoort
-Alexandrine Tinne, a glimpse into the life of a courageous woman
-Clara von Waldthausen, a personal story about the love for photography
-The Perfect Photo, American Automatic, Tiptop and the path to the modern photo portrait
-Jan de Bont, an interview with a collector
-Unseen, the fair in 2021
-Time will tell, Collecting photographs in a museum
-The vintage print, a short history
-Memories of a curator
-Photo’s in Motion, an anthropological study
-Manfred Heiting, an interview with a collector
-Bubb Kuyper Veilingen, a talk about the auction business
-Marlof Maks, a collectors’ story
-Les Adu, photography as a stimulant for young people
-Photolanguage, vernacular photography


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